Albert's Auto Repair & 24 Hour Towing
Address: 6376 Jordan Road
Lewisburg, Ohio
Phone: (937) 681-1546
(937) 962-1342
Towing Hours of Operation:
7 Days a Week, 24 Hours a Day

Auto Repair Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday - 8:30am - 5pm

Saturday - 8:30am - Noon

Sunday - Closed

Albert's Towing & Recovery - Phone: (937) 681-1546

Albert's Auto Repair & 24 Hour Towing



Auto Repair, Towing, Recovery, Welding & Roadside Assistance

Welcome to Albert's Auto Repair & 24 hr towing!


Your car or truck is one of your largest financial investments and having it towed or needing it repaired for any reason can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if that reason happens to be accident related.


Most of us are not exactly on a first name basis with a local mechanic or tow truck driver and yet we have to trust someone to get our vehicle safely from point A to point B or repaired.


From the time you call Albert's Auto Repair & 24 Hour Towing, you will be impressed by our complete professionalism. We will take your information, answer all your questions or communicate with our fleet and dispatch a tow truck to arrive at your location as quickly as possible.


Our tow truck drivers are experienced, dependable and completely professional. Each is fully licensed, maintains an impeccable safety record.


Our late model tow trucks are immaculately clean, maintained in like-new condition and assigned to meet the specific needs of your towing job whether large or small.

Each is also fully equipped with the latest communications and outfitted with a complete emergency equipment package so our drivers are prepared for any and all emergency conditions they might encounter.


Finally, we will treat your vehicle with the utmost care while being repaired or during hook up and transport, and provide any special considerations necessary to ensure its safety.


Albert's Auto Repair & 24 Hour Towing is insured to recover all types of vehicles. Our trucks are very reliable and maintained properly, and owned by us. Insurance packet will be sent out upon request.

We are out of Lewisburg, Ohio off of I-70. 

Thank you for taking time to check us out, and we hope to gain your business.

We offer competitive prices and services. We will greatly appreciate your business, and are looking forward to helping you.

Call Albert's Auto Repair & 24 Hour Towing at (937) 681-1546.

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6376 Jordan Road
Lewisburg, Ohio
Phone: (937) 681-1546